The Book in Full Post – an ENTIRE book Creative Commons?

I am biased, Rachel is my wife and I absolutely love her writing style. Always have. And she wrote a fiction book that was agreed to be published by several self publishing enterprises. That may still happen but in the meantime she is stirring up something a bit different.

A few weeks ago Rachel published the entire book, the whole Enchilada, by creative commons. Forty Two Blue in full! from Rachel’s post.

And here it is. The book. In full.

I’m posting under a Creative Commons license
that says basically — you can read it, you can copy it, you can
manipulate it, you can do anything to the creative you want as long as
you 1. give me a little credit for getting the ball rolling 2. not sell
anything you produce and 3. grant the same Creative Commons licensing
to anything you create. In fact, I would love to see someone take this
story and do something fun or creative with it!

Download fortytwo_blue_rachel_schipul.pdf

Enjoy. And thanks for reading…

If you read the book or enjoy it, please DO let me know!