AdAge 2005 Top 200 Brands List by US Ad Spending Released

AdAge released their Megabrands list for 2005. It ranks advertisers by US Ad Spending. The full brand report is here.

What I would like to see is a cross reference showing public relations spending versus advertising spending for those monsters. When you are spending 1.7 Billion though, well I guess you can do whatever and get results.

From the AAF Smartbrief:

Report: Top 200 brands
Cingular and Sprint spent a combined $4 billion on media last year, placing the
telecom giants respectively in the top three slots of Advertising Age’s “Top 200
Megabrands for 2005” list. As a whole, the Top 200 last year spent $49.14
billion in 18 media, representing about a third of the $148.29 billion measured
ad market, according to TNS Media Intelligence.    Advertising
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