Education Ego Tension and Boundaries

The money quote on modern education:

… a small group of us came to the
realization that schools need to start serving the tension between
ego-centered, personalized, individualistic society and globalized
society. There used to be scales – people would be part of local
communities, broader communities, nation-states, etc. Networked society
is altering the relationships between people and communities are
suffering because of the lack of cohesion, social norms, etc. When we
think about education (especially when we talk about its role in
relation to civic life), we need to stop damning technology and start
engaging with the shifts that have occurred in the architecture of

This is the first time I felt challenged to look at education from an ego-centered tension between personalized and globalized society. Interesting.

Of course the problem may be, not sure, buy may be serving tension between areas implies an awareness of the boundaries. And that isn’t easy.

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