You Have a Choice in Wired – Apple or Dell at Twice the Price

It is so easy to pick on advertising. But sometimes it just has to be said.

Silly advertising usually leads to silly financial results for the companies. Which usually leads to a bad stock price and layoffs – which are bad. Please compare the two advertisements from this month’s wired magazine. Apple first, then Dell. I merged them into one image. Which one would you buy?

Price matters. Twice the price for a desktop with one processor?

I can hear the consultant at Dell now. "the 80/20 rule. we make most of our profit at gamers. this is Wired magazine. Lots of geeks with money. Let’s pitch them a single processor PC for $3170 and call it a "workstation." They won’t notice the dual processor Apples earlier in the magazine. At half the price. That also run Windows. Nah, they won’t notice that."

On the plus side the Dell advertisement does have direct marketing response vehicles. Phone numbers. URLs. Definitely a better direct marketing advertisement. But the price disparity is so radically large that I don’t see it persuading me. Or a gamer. Why would you?