News Web Sites that are Interesting

Two recent finds in the area of online journalism.


The first was at the n2 conference where there was a presentation by OhMyNews. The English version of OhMyNews is here. The premise is citizen journalism. And they do mean journalism and not just blogging. Reporters can be unpaid while some are paid but far less than a typical reporter (think $700 / month for a top reporter). So this is not a full time job in the west at least unless you have an alternate form of income. From the site:

from Welcome to ‘Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice’

We strongly believe that citizen journalism can take root anywhere, not
just in South Korea. For it is better to have citizens voice their own
ideas and interests than to let the media represent them on their
behalf. The Internet environment is improving around the world. As more
people get online, a public square is being broadened and leveled for
everyone to join in as active participants. Globalization in a sense
paves the way for people to build communities with ever greater ease.

Traditional means of news gathering and dissemination are quickly
falling behind the new paradigm. What troubles old media more is the
changing nature of the news itself. We believe news is something that
is made, not only by a George W. Bush or a Bill Gates but, more
importantly, by people who are all allowed to think together. The news
is a form of collective thinking. It is the ideas and minds of the
people that are changing the world, when they are heard.

I predict OhMyNews will have a significant impact globally as a counter point to


The second interesting news web site that was pointed out to me is NEWSEUM which includes links to "Today’s Front Pages". As the name suggests, it is an interactive museum of news. It strikes me that this is also a great way to see what stories are running in different parts of the country.

The picture at the top right is the Ventura County Star – chosen randomly from the Newseum site.