HitTail – Web Analytics from a PR Firm?

Via Marketing Shift a PR agency has created an SEO “long tail” optimization tool. From the Marketing Shift post:

A free program organizes “long tail” data about how people found your
site through natural search and suggests keywords to use for search
engine optimization.


PR Firm Connors Communications, which wrote the MyLongTail software (now located at HitTail.com),
is also touting the merits of blogging and public relations to create
content that is effective in garnering natural search instead of over
paying for paid search.

The HitTail site has an 8 minute demo (sorry, 8 minutes is a LOOOONG TIME!). From viewing the demo, it looks like Google Analytics with a clear visualization of more than your top 25 inbound search words.

UPDATE: Please see the comments section on the latest from HitTail!

Technically you can get this from any analytics package. Just look at
your keyword search terms and change it from “show 25” to “show 100”.
In DeepMetrix you can export ALL of your referring keywords for a given site into Excel.

Yet that misses the point. Yes look at your keyword density calculations for your content, but only AFTER you have written the content. Add value first by writing good content. Don’t
look for long tail obscure keywords to target. At least not in my
opinion. This is just spam blogging with a PR person in between. Maybe
not that bad, but I find putting long tail terms before the content
akin to putting the cart before the horse.