Mark Cuban is a PR Machine – and Doesn’t Know It

Mark Cuban, by default, accomplishes what tons of PR people TRY to accomplish. He does it unconsciously. What is that? He is brutally honest and genuinely interesting which makes him Brangelina. (his words) More?

I’m sorry for what I make you cover.

In my naive days I used to think that news stories were meant to be stories of interest. That they were uncovered topics that were being revealed to a public thirsting for information and knowledge.

Now, Im coming to realize that there is something more to how stories are selected. Im just not quite sure what that “something “ is.


It is perhaps a bit disingenuous to suggest that you don’t understand how being a dot-com-millionaire-loud-sports-fan-nba-owner makes you newsworthy. Hmmm. Personally I’d rather read about Mark in the news than Brittney or Brangelina any day. Keep up the "something" Mark!

RELATED: Mark Cuban photo selected from flickr because it is set up with a creative commons license. If you aren’t familiar with CC it is worth reading up on. Give away some content and you will get linked. And THANKS SDK for the use of the photo!