Is this a Web Analytics Blog? Can’t I Just be a bit Confused?

Thanks to Occam’s Razor by Avinash for ranking this one of the top web analytics blogs. I didn’t particularly think of this blog that way. Then I scrolled through a few of my past posts and found the one on keywords in state of the union addresses. Perhaps the geekiest political post I have ever done.

Keyword Density of Presidential State of the Union Addresses 1996 to 2006

So I guess I am guilty of looking at things a bit analytically, although not always in a pure web only context. Sure with WAA as a client I have to be up on the subject or Andrea will call and catch me not up on my game. Or I will get lectured by some guy who sounds like he is in the mafia. <grin>

Eric’s post on the web analytics subject is also a fair critique. Including the comment that this blog wanders around on numerous topics. I liken it to the introduction in Freakonomics (not that I am anywhere near that talented – please don’t interpret this comment that way!) where they say he has "no unifying theme." Interesting but no unifying theme. That is my goal. Interesting.

Last but not least, I am finally back in Houston after visiting San Francisco, Oklahoma City and Little Rock on biz stuff. Tons of new photos on flickr for those who like eye candy. This photo in particular reminds me of how lucky I am. Happy Fathers day folks!