Stephen Colbert – This is a Very Nice Place

I have always known Stephen Colbert was a sexist bigot. Or not. Maybe he is just hysterically funny. Here are a few quotes from his 2006 Commencement Address at Knox College

This seems like a very nice place. They have a lovely Web site. Besides, have you seen the world outside lately? They are playing for KEEPS out there, folks. My God, I couldn’t wait to get here today just so I could take a breather from the real world. I don’t know if they told you what’s happened while you’ve matriculated here for the past four years. The world is waiting for you people with a club.

and later in the speech he clarifies yes-and. The first rule of improv is you have to accept as fact what has already happened. If they say "I am an elephant and I am grumpy" your reply is, perhaps, "well then why did you not eat the new six foot ArgoCorn?"  To which they must give a reasoned…. cough … response. But Stephen says it much better in this slightly longer excerpt:

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Accessible Web Design with Glenda and Sharron – Practical Links

Today has been a busy day. We confirmed Sharron Rush for our September Netsquared Meetup in Houston. Sharron’s organization is knowbility and she previously published a book on accessible web design (new version coming soon, right Sharron?).

And speaking of accessibility, I also met Glenda Sims at NetSquared last week in San Jose. Glenda, the good witch (although her sense of humor regarding signs is odd for a "good" witch. hmmm.) Glenda has a great post on her blog on a list of practical resources for accessible web design. <Snip>

3) Test with toolbars – (Web Developer Extension & Web Accessibility Toolbar) turn off CSS, turn off Javascript, set to Greyscale, display structure (headings, lists”¦)

and number 6 is great as well

6) Run a sitewide accessibility reportLIFT or WebXM (direct link to WebXM Page test)

Read the full "Practical Accessibility" post on Brenda’s site for more practial methods for accessible web design.

Sharron, Glenda and even Houston’s own Kelsey are also active in AIRS. Making the web more accessible, one web site at a time.