Exactness of Speech; “Terrorists” vs. “Radical Islamists”

There is no such thing as "a terrorist". Terrorism is a tactic. Oh golly it feels good to label groups with that word. Like calling someone a "bastard" or "liar" or "asshole." I have done it myself. Feels great. Yet it confuses things.

The venerable New York Times seems to have forgotten this. The article on a success in Canada yesterday is frustrating. Political correctness is allowing the war/debate/war to be framed with fuzzy logic. To use exactness of speech; you can not fight terrorists. You CAN fight Radical Islamists, Islamic Extremists or Islamic militants or any other group that has used terrorism as a tactic.

The words we use matter. Exactness of speech matters. From Carnegie to Covey to Kennedy to Emerson to Reagan to Thoreau to Shakespeare. Words #$()*@ matter. They matter a lot.

tragicomic comic on the Dry Bones Blog. The author, Yaakov Kirschen, captures it well and I particularly appreciate the exactness of speech.

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