Speaking of Ahead of the Curve – I want to “Digg” to chron.com

In a world of G/Localization, I want to be able to digg by geographic region to a local news source. Yes digg for content that is globally interesting, but also digg specifically to chron.com if a story of local interest breaks. Or both.

Dwight – you have gotten the chronicle to be the top blogging newspaper. Now, can we digg it? (yes I just made that a verb – but you know what I mean).

Also note I am not talking about trackbacks or even cross posting of blogs, but nominating blog posts for professional journalist review locally. A subtle difference I guess, but I think direct is better than assuming reporters are trolling geographic filtered feeds of furl from blogs or similar. This would take someone specifically nominating in a geographical area of interest.

For example, I’d like to bring this post to your attention. But I can’t trackback unless I stretch it and somehow relate to the innovation in porn post. OK, I did that.