Peer to Patent Review of Patents: The Best BoingBoing Post Ever

Via BoingBoing, this one is important: Patent office will ask the public to "peer review" inventions

<rant>This is important before we all lose our rights to go to the bathroom. Interesting that private interests in the form of patent abuse are one of the greatest challenges to personal rights today. Be careful before you say that brand name out loud! From the BB post:

Cory Doctorow:
The US Patent and Trademark Office has launched "Peer to Patent," a
community patent peer review project. The USPTO is overloaded with
patent filings, so it does little or no investigation into patnets
before rubber-stamping them, expecting that the courts will sort out
who invented what. This changes the patent system from something that
promotes invention to something that rewards companies who aggressively
sue inventors.

Peer to Patent aims to address this by encouraging the public to review
patents, to determine whether they are valid based on the at-large
expert knowledge about what has already been invented and what is a
new, useful, nonobvious invention. IBM has agreed to have its patents
vetted by the public as a guinea pig in the project.

Now, before assuming I have gone nuts, yes I think Cory is over the top. Hell, even HE thinks he is over the top (his blog IS called "craphound"). But we need Ying to counter Yang, and we definitely need software patent reform to level an uneven playing field in the global economy.</rant>

I just hope this means we don’t lose out on those informative /. rants on patents. Now that would be a shame.