Consumer Generated Violence – Agg Townz Fights Part 2

Skipcheathamhiphopradiodj Finished the Chronicle article on Agg Townz Fights Part 2. This was right after reading Scott’s post Violence is the Real Pornography. Unfortunately I clicked the link to the stupid mag, which currently doesn’t have much content. What is most disturbing at the top is the graphic that says “send us your videos!” Shocking violent videos submitted a la America’s Funniest Home Video style.

Is this Consumer generated violence (CGV)?

Street-fight video horrifies Arlington

Youth brawls set to rap music were being sold on DVD

The short version is *willing* participants get in fights that are video taped. They beat the crap out of each other. The young entrepreneur behind it then sells the DVD online and promotes it by texting, my space, but mostly word-of-mouth marketing. Like extras in a movie surely all of the participatory-victims purchase a copy. Can you say up fronts?

Public relations is used as well with cuts on the DVD including out takes from Hip Hop DJ Skip Cheatham
included for legitimacy. Note that Skip and his station deny involvement
besides acknowledging their images were used without permission.

Several years ago the link to bum fights
was going around. The world was shocked. Now they say the purpose of
their videos is to highlight the plight of the poor. Whatever.

What is
different about the Arlington losers is that the participants WANTED to
be in the violence and wanted to see the media. The consumer generated
the violence and was an active participant in the violence. This really
is consumer generated violence. Yuck.

Those crazy violent kids. I wonder where they get those violent ideas.