Sexual Relations Graph – Best Use of a Visual

  Sexual Relations Graph 
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The best use of a visual at the Net2 conference so far IMHO was from Martin Kearns. This graph (to the right and here) is titled "Structure of Romantic and Sexual Relations." 

Staying with the sexual social networks metaphors, it is apparent that Kevin Bacon gets around.

In the diagram note the large cluster on the top left. That is called a spanning tree diagram. All it would take to add more of those lonely trees to the primary tree is one connection.

A quick google search leads me to believe this is the original study from Jefferson High School.

Net2, Save the World, And Some Self Serving Bastard

At the conference this week. Not much writing but plenty of posted photos in the overall net2 photoset.

The conference itself has had plenty of realistic content. More than a few challenging questions. And it is generally grounded. No fear of being overwhelmed by causes given with the diverse crowd everyone is into their own particular interest. The dialog is appropriately focused on where non profits and tech overlap and how the tech can help.

One panel I enjoyed was the social networking panel. This pre-panel post on social networks by Bob sums up social networking features of most of the popular sites from his perspective. It is clear there is plenty of room to improve! Again and again he points out the lack of mature content driven social networks as opposed to content driven sites with minor social networking capabilities.

And last but not least and a bit off topic, a link to some self serving bastard on the pretense of a link count. <grin>