Strumpette – What Happened to the Sex and PR Focus?

Dear Amanda – really, we want creativity and sex and PR. Not head-anal-probes deserving or not. How dare you not pick up on this great publicity stunt that as an added bonus mentions Eva Longoria and Bikinis?  Really now, let’s not lose focus. I am shocked that I picked up this sexy PR story through my SEO bloglines set and not Steve or you!

But seriously, before I get involved in a debate in which I will surely be outwitted, there are HUGE PR opportunities coming up with every new technology that emerges. A9 and street level pictures? React with bigger signs and timely street performers. Controversy? … Within reason is great. Creativity is a bell that rings loudly with each new technology adopted by the people.

If a guy can make a mark as a time-management-book-groupie, then there is room for you to seek opportunity. For yourself, or your clients. As we say around the office "obsess about the client’s profitability and you will be profitable."