Most PR Agency Web Sites Suck – PR Week

Dscn4548PR Week: PR Web sites rate below average in WMA report

PR Web sites are not looking good, according to a new assessment of sites from the more than 80 industies, including advertising, automotive, gambling, and financial services.


Based on data from the last three years, PR Web sites rated below the WebAward average in design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copy-writing and ease of use.

ouch! OK at least the article has the courage to discuss some possible causes. John Berard, CIO of Zeno Group is noted as saying the "findings reflect the classic tension within agencies between self and client promotion."

As an industry public relations does NOT have self-identification problems and definitely is free from all maternal concerns. Or is Public Relations more caught up in discovering the ego and id and has lost sight of the client?

People typically help themselves first. "in the event of loss of cabin pressure please put your oxygen mask on and then help other passengers". George Costanza is a parody but rings true enough, particularly if you have been through a public relations crisis. Or any real crisis. The cobblers shoes excuse is utter crap. If you can’t help yourself you don’t have the skills to execute on behalf of a client. Which is malpractice.

Harsh? At least amuse us with cleavage if execution is beyond your discipline. And.. ahem … I will leave you with the unintelligible text on the Zeno Group home page (April 4,2006). If you need help – luckily these guys do EVERYTHING! And not one instance of that naughty phrase "public relations" in the text. I feel safe. And copy like this will keep them safe from those pesky clients seeking PR help.

ZENO is a new-style communications company.

We offer a fresh way of thinking about communications, a commitment to
seeking out the most effective integrated solutions and a fundamental
focus on delivering business value to our clients.

services span reputation management, corporate communications, brand
marketing, healthcare, technology and idea generation. But, whatever
the undertaking, we always place a special emphasis on using
marketplace intelligence and insight to guide strategic direction,
craft meaningful actions and empower clients to gain competitive