Are Super Bloggers Just Efficient One Wo/Man Newspapers?

This is an interesting point of view. Scoble is a newspaper. Bubba is
the current editor
and people don’t like changes on the editorial board.

Scoble has a guest blogger named Bubba. Bubba posts with a comment on how someone said:

Scoble is a like a mini-newspaper. That’s why many folks read his
blog. Links to interesting stuff going in tech mixed with some MSFT

The comment section continues with varying notes from "identify yourself" presumably with "posted by Bubba" or something at the end. And on the flip side one comment questions if asking for links to post is a fair tactic?

For a newspaper sources are natural. Scoble and Steve are so influential partially BECAUSE people send them stuff. Boingboing has an interesting stuff form. Sure they were super-humans-who-don’t-sleep already, but once the role had been established now they are media and media has sources beyond "what I saw today was". Sources.

My two cents – I like Bubba’s honesty saying "hey, tell me something interesting for the good of the audience." Great job as guest editor bubba!