Primal Branding – Build-a-Brand Formula is Real

PrimalbrandingpatrickhanlonI just discovered Primal Branding from Thinktopia. Finished it actually. A find from walking the aisles at BN a few weeks ago and it made it through the queue. From the book:

Primal branding demonstrates how you can create passion for product and organization alike.


Think of the things that mean something to you. They all come from someplace ("creation story"). They stand for something ("creed"). They are symbolized by a sign, a sound, a smell ("icon"). You do certain specified things regarding them ("rituals"). Certain words evoke that experience ("sacred words"). You contrast that experience against other experiences ("pagans"). They have an individual, whether real or fictional, who is behind the whole thing ("leader").

– Primal Branding, Patrick Hanlon, Pg 237 (section above referred to as "primal code"

Definitely worth the read for brand architects and phone operators alike. Has a Ries tone to it. They also have a great primal-code teaser video on the site.

New topic – In my previous post there is a comment from David Gallagher. He makes a good point that many of the instances of the word Ketchum are in the introduction and the bio. He is correct. But I do think my point that exactness of speech matters still stands as well. Our audiences must be able to find us, or our clients, and that starts with using the "sacred words" of that community.