Guest Column in Public Relations – “Ketchum” Mentioned 17 Times

You know it is a beautifully executed guest column in Public Relations when "Ketchum" is mentioned 17 times, "integrity" is mentioned twice and "ethical" gets the nod at one.

Ethical being tied with "asses kicked" which also scored a one. Outbound links? Zero (0). So much for strategy in PR. WFT?

Here are just the headings from the guest PR article – again with zero links.

  • A Global Survey of the PR Business
  • PR Agencies of the Future
  • Glocalization
  • Versatility
  • Diversity
  • Value and Results
  • Collaboration, Community and Credibility
  • Leadership
  • Preliminary Conclusions
  • About Ketchum
  • About David Gallagher

Pardon my disaffected tone, but how can you mention Glocalization without mentioning G/Localization? Just to push the point, here are a few more PR keyword counts:

  • blogs = 0, but "weblogs" = 1
  • "consumer produced media"= 1 but "consumer generated media" = 0 (be a rebel)
  • "David Gallagher" shows up 6 times.
  • video stuff? 0. Nuf said.

This is a column called "Are PR consultancies teetering on extinction?" right? I admit I have been in "geek mode" the last few days but still, exactness of speech is exactness of speech, right? You must be able to communicate with relevant terms or your strategy will fail. Or perhaps a better way of expressing the same thing is "you can’t formulate strategy without understanding the landscape truly and deeply."  

The overall content of the article IS relevant. My dis, if you can call it that, will go unrequited because the author already said:

The opportunities of a “glocal“ market will reward the agencies that
can most adroitly and consistently bring their specialist expertise to
the fore. The number of agencies capable of doing this now is
approximately zero.

and this hopeful statement:

We’ll also see agencies with people who can help us understand how
audiences interpret, process and act on the information, including
cultural anthropologists, psychologists, and potentially even people of
faith and spiritual backgrounds.

Many have long said quotas are stupid, but that diversity is radically important for completely selfish reasons; a diverse staff is more freakin’ profitable! I like reading that others see the importance of diversity and cultural anthropology.

The agency of the future will evolve beyond antiquated remuneration
systems, and earn income on the bases of expertise, efficiency and

They will offer value in ideas, creativity and strategy in ways the
client simply cannot develop on their own, and this expertise will be
charged on consultancy rates, at a premium.

The implementation of ideas, using a combination of agency
resources, client capabilities and free-lancers and consultants, will
ensure the best execution at the best price.

And the great agencies will identify targets ““ hard commercial
objectives ““ with clients and agree a reward system to share in the
effectiveness of activities.

So while I definitely find fault with the blog-ability of the author, he does appear to have potential to understand. Perhaps the next time Amanda can ghost link like Mr. Lutz? And ghost edit. Or just write it. Or run training workshops. Wow, I am tired just reading that list.

Closing stuff:

The image? From Joystiq via Ad critic here. I just thought it related to the whole narcissist public relations theme not that I am implying anything. We are better than their kids, right?

Disclosure stuff – all numbers calculated using the following tool our team uses
for search engine opt – which
is similar to numerous other keyword density calculators.