Avoid Bad PR Pitches – Get APR Designation

Realize I am *not* in PR and technically I am supposed to be programming, generating visuals or perhaps running a company. Luckily I work with amazingly talented people that allow me to stretch in different directions like the study of public relations. I recently inquired about joing PRSA and was told no. It seems I don’t qualify given I do not spend 50% of my time on PR. Sort of odd that PR wants to be close to the executive but the executive can’t get close to PR. And at a company as small as ours executive means dish-washer anyway so what is the deal?…

So if I did qualify to be in PRSA, I would seek accreditation. Not because silly letters after your name matter, but because knowledge of the profession will help you avoid public displays of ridiculously bad pitches. The shtik on APR is:

APR Accreditation is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals, administered by the Universal Accreditation Board and the Public Relations Society of America. To become Accredited and use the APR designation, PRSA members must advance from a Readiness Review and pass a written exam.

Accredited members carry the designation "Accredited in Public Relations" (APR), signifying a high professional level of experience and competence.

Which leads into another question. Does the accreditation training address the new PR? Are we talking blogs, wikis and RSS or is it still the style guide? I’ll never know, but it is worth asking.