PR Tactics Running Web 2.0 Article Series

Prtacticsschipul_1PR Tactics, the national magazine of PRSA, is running my article on Web 2.0 technologies and Public Relations in this month’s magazine.  Excerpt:

The Web’s Next Generation: Web 2.0

In the 11 years since the introduction of the first Web browser, the Internet has been considered an interactive communications tool, but we’re just beginning to unlock the Web’s ability to help us truly interact. Instead, most organizations still use the Web primarily to disseminate information.

That’s about to change thanks to a movement called, “Web 2.0,“ a collection ofSchipulweb20_1 emerging technologies that enable social networking by offering Web users the ability to add and edit Web content. It was initially referred to as “Consumer Generated Media,“ but the label proved to be too restrictive for the sea change that has been occurring.

As illustrated by the blogs, video blogs (vlogs), podcasts and wikis, Web 2.0 is essentially a platform for sharing information of all kinds. (more….)

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