Excellent Use of Corporate Blogging – Over My Dead Body

A frequent question from public relations professionals when discussing "corporate blogging" is "who should blog?"  Lutz is a good case study with good dialog like this, as are McDonalds and channel 9 and Sun. Those blogs are relevant to the company yet they contain individual voices.

Slashdot picked up this great post by a Microsoft Developer that shuts down a possible future crisis. with words like:

Back-door nonsense

Two weeks ago BBC News published an article speculating about a possible “back door“ in BitLocker (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4713018.stm).
The suggestion is that we are working with governments to create a back
door so that they can always access BitLocker-encrypted data.


Over my dead body.

Now that is a good crisis response. And PR would never have written "over my dead body" in a press release. I love it! And it helps Microsoft. Its all good.

A tip of the hat to KT for the links!