Are bloggers “authoritative” sources of information for a company?

The Hobson and Holtz Report, the podcast from, has a great conversation on the challenge for public relations professionals on authority. Are bloggers "authoritative" sources of information for a company? If something is "material" then is denial from employee bloggers enough? Robert Scoble, not your average blogger to begin with, is an official voice of the company from my perspective. Who knows what the street thinks. Here is the related blurb with links from the H&H podcast.

16:10 Microsoft and employee bloggers: the delay in the launch of Windows Vista, allegations of code rewrites, blogger denials, weekend blog discussions, and the regulatory and financial framework
– are Microsoft employee bloggers official spokepeople? They may have
credibility but do they speak with authority on behalf of the company
to represent official views? And how ready is blogging to assume a
primary role in organizational communication?

Robert’s original post on the non-event of vista code rewrites is here.