The New PR – Sex and the City Sleeping with the Boss

Strumpette – A Naked Journal of the PR Business made one sexy post.  Sex still sells. A sexy photo and an allusion leads to Media Orchard calling her the new PR vixen on the block which leads to AdRants leads to a heated interchange including:

But seriously, what do you think we do for a living.  Think about it.  At least I am being honest about it.

– Amanda Chapel

The comments and replies are just fun. I would HOPE pr was focused on strategy beyond Lewinski.

Ms. Chapel goes on with

Rubel has two masters and is sure to betray one. The day he makes an
honest independent critique of Richard“¦ he’s history. Bottom line:
that’s just a matter of time. Rubel’s true master is blogging and he
will ultimately have to make that choice. He will betray Richard.

My predictions – having met Steve he is one stubborn dude. Don’t place bets on his departure unless you can afford to lose. Never met Richard but he has been a blogger far longer than newbies like me and I’d bet he is a smart chap. I recommend skipping the office pool.

I predict Vixen 1 gets her 15 minutes without running anyone over. Maybe she graduates to RocketBoom type reporting with agency approval?

Perhaps the biggest change in PR is the progression and the speed of today’s timeline.
As far as I can tell the original post was TODAY. Sunday, March 26th.
The responses similarly are also today, mostly this Sunday evening. You PR people need to get a life. Thank God I am not in PR.