Public Relations Sucks on the Y Axis of Generic/Mass vs Personal

Tara has guts.  No question about that.  There are some things you don’t say and the "C" word on social movements is right up there with the "N" word. I won’t question motives and I appreciate the honest dialog.

I also do not question the chart. The chart. Perception is reality.  Note the location of Public Relations on the chart!

Public Relations is perceived to be not-personal. It is not one to one but one to many like a shotgun. Earned media is tough and you can reasonably argue that a strong MSM coverage of an event is indeed one to many. But does that make it not-personal? Isn’t the point of PR to personalize issues by having credible third party vehicles carry the message? 

An a-list-blogger post is read far more than it is commented on so does that move pinko marketing to the generic/mass category?

In fact the first poster in comments questioned Tara’s placement of PR on the chart. So I am not alone. We need more accreditation.  We need more PR credibility. We need fewer dead beat pitches in PR. Arrrrrrgh.