Ramsay and Horowitz on Same Search Wavelength

Geoff Ramsay writes frequent articles on media post and in his latest article he goes pretty big picture after speaking at the latest SES in NYC.

<snip>We have no idea how much our lives will change in the next two decades. It will be the most rapid assimilation of sociological change in history. Everything that forms our current reality will be reengineered and reinvented from the ground up. This includes our definitions of community, social relationships, family, communication, our work, our leisure and our very concept of self. The physical and the virtual will merge, and the simple act of searching will become the synapse that connects us to the World 2.0.

What Geoff doesn’t specifically mention in his post on the future of search is people. Social applications. He doesn’t mention having humans improve the quality of search. 

Bradley Horowitz at his presentation on "Social Media at Yahoo" this morning at Etech mentioned PR gives too much power to webmasters.  We need a greater voice from non-webmasters to improve search quality.  That might just mean asking other users like Wikipedia asks for content.

One of the Yahoo! slides read:

"Yahoo! Search Vision:
Enable people to find, use, share and expand all human knowledge"

Several slides later it read:

FUSE means "Better Search Through People"

One major theme at eTech, not an official one but one that kept coming up over and over was the importance of micro work through sites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk which powers sites like Casting Words

My bet is Geoff and Bradley have much the same views and are a few steps ahead of the rest of us. I am not comparing their positions so much as noting that adding the two together adds relevance to both. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.