Microsoft is Determined – All Nighters

Reading Scoble on bloglines.  As a Microsoft employee he is at the office at 1:46 AM.  He is not alone.  The first post is followed up by another post including a photo link of a whole group of volunteers working on their own time.  They believe in the product that much.  That is formidable competition for anyone going up against! Upgrades in progress

Wow, that’s fast. There are a few teams pulling an all-nighter
across the freeway from where I’m sitting right now (yeah, I’m still at
the office at 1:46 a.m.) working on pushing up new code to and
Richard MacManus already has a post about the changes.

And Edelman just brought a committed employee on board

That was the situation I was in yesterday and it’s why I am now at 4:30 a.m. getting around to posting.

Is that what it takes to succeed in the attention economy?