PR on Blogs – What are they saying and how should I respond?

Pr_on_blogs_panelTwo days of total public relations immersion (yes I will join PRSA…).  My panel is Engine Overhaul – New Technologies Open the Door for New PR Opportunities at 9:00 AM.

To prepare I have been asking folks "what do you want to see covered?"  In a conversation with Danielle Ezell, APR of 20 Hats PR in OKC, she said it boiled down to two questions:

  1. What are they saying about a subject?
  2. How should we respond?

A bit more concise than my planned presentation.  Yet a direct answer is possible.

  1. Use Technorati to search a subject.  Example search for Radio Shack.:
    another option is to set up google alerts for the same terms.  Or do both.
  2. How to respond?  Join in the conversation.  Don’t talk down.  Respect first and be genuine.  Read naked convesations for a good introduction or go straight to cluetrain for the psychology.

There.  Now I can skip my panel and keep drinking coffee.  Or not.

update: added the photo.  The PPT slides should be posted on shortly.

update2: My PPT slides on New Tech and PR on our site as well.