PB Hats in Fort Worth Texas – Now THAT is a Story!

JoepeterssrpbhatsMet Joe at PB Hats today in Fort Worth.  Every brand should have a story this good.  1911.  Wars.  And I learned more about hats from Joe in 5 minutes than I ever knew!  Fur?  Who knew?

<snip> Peters Brothers was started by Jim and Tom Peters in 1911. They were Greek immigrants who began their business shining shoes in Waco, TX during the "Cotton Palace Celebration." With their savings of $600 Jim and Tom moved to Fort Worth, TX and purchased a 17 ft. by 10 ft. wood building in the downtown area near 9th Street and Houston Street. They renovated the building and put in a first class shoe shine parlor. Jim and Tom hired four men to assist in shining shoes. (more)