Nike PR – Media Orchard Dis’s Kobe Bryant

Via this post on AdRants, Media Orchard has rewritten Nike’s new Kobe Bryant ad with some more … er… factually correct copy writing.

This was a PR disaster waiting to happen for Nike given their strong female constituency. 

Here is the rewrite from Media Orchard.  Now we just need the style-like-brokeback to the future mashup on YouTube!

Media Orchard on Nike Kobe Bryant Commercial:

Hate my selfishness.

Hate my lies, my infidelity.

Hate the fact that my high-powered attorneys got me off and humiliated my accuser when I was charged with rape.

And hate that I’m loved, because America only cares who wins the damn game.

My regrets to Karl Rove for getting pulled into this.  He is probably innocent.

And if Nike is looking for who they SHOULD sponsor, I have a suggestion for an amazing athlete.

Houston stuff – Pressthink Says Chronicle Top Blogging Newspaper

Pressthink rated the Houston Chronicle the nation’s (US) top blogging newspaper!  Hats off to DwightDwightsilverman Silverman even if there isn’t a tech section in the Chronicle any more.  Really, if the Chronicle lets someone steal him away it would be a HUGE loss.

Here are the results from Pressthink via this link from Dwight’s blog.

1. Houston Chronicle (128 points)

2. Washington Post (69 points)

3. USA Today (38 points, 1 honorable mention)

4. St. Petersburg Times (29 points, 2 honorable mention)

5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution (23 points)

6. San Antonio Express-News (22 points, 1 honorable mention)

Interestingly enough I had another conversation with a Houston Chronicle reporter tonight regarding the Only in Houston movement.  I still miss the Post, yet I sure appreciate the Chronicle waking up and supporting the local community and conversation!

As a panelist for the PRSA SW District conference in Fort Worth tomorrow and Friday, I will FIND a way to mention this blogging success from the Chronicle at the conference.  Sweeeeeet!