Pictures Lie – Just as Wrong as Lying with Words

Dc_ward_map"DC Mayor Brown’s interactive accomplishments map:
bad Marion Barry isn’t mayor anymore — then we’d get cute little
baggies and crack pipe icons placed on the district map

Via Katya.

Here is my challenge with the map.  As Tufte says, lying with visuals is still lying. It isn’t cute.  It isn’t funny.  It is perjury.  In this case the map has been manipulated to create an illusion of balance and fairness.  The icons are smoothly distributed throughout the district. 

So this 3 Million dollar investment:

HouseThe Department of Housing and Community Development served as funding partner
for Camp Simms, a mixed-use development that will include 110,000 square feet of
retail and a 75 single-family-home community (Asheford Court). The 8.51-acre
Shops at Park Village will incorporate the expansion of an existing strip
center, Giant Food supermarket and casual dining restaurant. Sixteen (16) of the
units will be affordable for families making eighty percent (80) of the Area
Median Income. The Department of Housing and Community Development provided
approximately $3,000,000 to this initiative.

is somehow equal to this new government form???  Oh please.

ShakeThe Department of Human Services developed and released a new, simplified
"Combined Application for Medical, Food Stamp, and Cash Assistance" to make it
easier for District residents to apply for services and to streamline the
eligibility process. The new application is also available in Spanish and the
cover page features messages in Amharic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

So visually, for the sake of politics, a 3 million dollar development is the same as a couple of bureaucrats combining three forms into a new form.  Like the kind you photocopy.  The kind with an icon the same size as a 3 million dollar icon.  I call bullshit.