Behavioral Insider on gameVertising

GrandtheftautoThis weeks "Behavioral Insider" has an interesting interview on in-game advertising from a behavioral perspective.  The post by Kate Kayte interviews Ilya Vedrashko from MIT

Some excerpts:

BI: Do you have ideas for behavioral targeting that you’re not seeing

Vedrashko: One thing I don’t see anybody looking at is
so-called "cluster visits." I’m sure somebody has built this out, but I haven’t
seen a discussion [about this] yet. When you go online each morning, how many
Web sites do you visit consistently? It’s probably no more than a dozen. So, for
me it would probably be CNN, The Drudge Report, the news sites I visit every
day. The way to serve advertising would be to look at these clusters and serve
advertising on Drudge Report, after [I] visit CNN, that would enhance the
experience that [I] got from CNN’s advertising. So, for example, if CNN serves
an ad for a car, then The Drudge Report would know [I’ve] already seen this ad
and they would serve the ad for the same car but with a different twist, knowing
my prior behavior.

followed up by this which, in my humble opinion, plays into the Gimore Gang’s obsession with attention.

BI: How do you foresee companies enabling that, without
having, say, those two Web sites–The Drudge Report and CNN–within the same ad

Vedrashko: Every Webmaster already has all the
information necessary to make some sort of decision. The problem is this
information is not being shared across the board. So, The Drudge Report knows
its own statistics but it doesn’t know CNN’s.

BI: But what’s the incentive for Drudge Report to share
their information? Most of these sites are really proprietary and they don’t
want to share their information with anybody, and that’s definitely something
that behavioral targeting technology companies have been up against.

Vedrashko: Maybe the pricing model changes, and
advertisers realize they don’t have to pay for meaningless, wasted impressions;
they really want to pay for targeted impressions. That would put pressure on the
publishers to start cooperating.

The full post for MediaPost is here. (soul sucking reg required)