Speaking at PRSA Southwest District Conference Mar 2-3, 2006

FortworthrodeoflagI will be speaking on “Trends in Public Relations Technology: Harnessing the Chaos to Encourage Collaboration and Engagement“ later this week at PRSA’s Southwest District Conference in Fort Worth Texas (reg here).  I will be joining Scott Baradell, President, Idea Grove and Jennifer Peper, Vice President, Aristotle.net, Inc. 

Not sure if I’ll have time to make it to Billy Bob’s or the botanical gardens, but I will be there in spirit while talking Public Relations and Tech at the conference.

2006 PRSA Southwest District Conference – New Technologies Panel

Ed Schipul CEO, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company

Fri 3-Mar-06 9:00 AM to Fri 3-Mar-06 10:15 AM

The image at the top?  That is an actual photo of me joining a panel at a recent event.  Really! Or maybe it comes from the Fort Worth convention and visitors bureau site.  You decide. <g>

Google.org to Build Infectious Disease Early Warning Systems

Rachel Weidinger of San Fran, a NWNB (Nerd With No Blog <grin>), sent me a link to this article on Google.org in Wired.

Brilliant’s Wish: Disease Alerts
Google’s newly appointed philanthropy chief is rallying industry support for an ambitious plan to create a global early-warning system to identify and prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other disasters.

It is possible that Rachel W is psychic, or that I babble about similar stuff, or perhaps she read my very first blog post ever which was on the need for emergency rss.  In fact what tipped me over the edge from being a NWNB myself was Katrina and the response here in Houston.

Yes I am definitely a proud capitalist.  Blame the person who gave me Atlas Shrugged.  But as far as putting action behind talk, since Katrina Tendenci (our software) has evolved to include a first responders module for organization response, a emergency social services module to manage intake at collection centers in a distributed environment and we will soon launch the CAPS module beta.  CAPS stands for Common Alerting Protocol (v1.1 link) and is the OASIS alert standard.  The OASIS News RSS Feed is here to keep up on some of the nerdy stuff related to emergency response (and hopefully prevention!)

Visualization – One Artist on the Importance of Color

A good friend sent me a few shots of Cheryl Tamborello’s work.  I liked this quote from Cheryl’s resume:

Tamborello_leadingmetolibertyxl"Working with layers, allows me to build up subtleties of color that psychologically impact the viewer.  Through the use of color, I hope to jostle the viewer’s memory of a particular place, reminding them of a moment they may have had." – Cheryl Tamborello, Houston Artist (emphasis added by me)

Sort of an attempt at abstract random mnemonics (memory aiding devices) for the viewer.  Performance art in static form through visuals.  The same thing that makes visiting the Rothko Chapel an obligation if you are in the Houston area (pictures never do Rothko justice as I am sure is the case with Tamborello as well).

While the three main learning styles are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic it has been my experience that visual is dominant in almost every individual I have worked with.  This might be self selection based on industry but I doubt it.  You can test learning styles and determine that someone is an auditory learner, but when asked "what car did you drive in high school?" they will picture it first before reliving the engine sound or some other related sound in their mind.

Thanks Rachel!