Dallas AMA Web Marketing PPT slides are Posted

Horsesirvingtexas The Web Marketing PPTs for Web Marketing Made Simple ““ Maximizing Your Online ROI are posted on our main site for download here:

  1. Download ‘Web Marketing 101’ AMA Presentation
  2. Download ‘Blogs, RSS and More’ AMA Presentation
  3. Download ‘Why You Care About Online Growth’ Handout

A lot of this content still comes from the original Web Marketing Fundamentals article and it still has legs.  The web marketing message still resonates and many sites still don’t focus on creating a strong compelling marketing headline!

Marketingbudgetpiechart_1 The Marketing Budget Survey results pie chart with data from 2004 is interesting. Used in one of the opening slides for the AMA presentation, the goal was to emphasize the importance of a balanced approach.  We are pretty good at online marketing, yet we still do internal and external PR and sponsor advertising radio shows at times.  Marketing balance is good.