Keyword Density of Presidential State of the Union Addresses 1996 to 2006

The political graphs below are word counts of interesting words and phrases from Presidential State of the Union speeches from 1996 to 2006.  This is mostly an exercise in political keyword density calculations and fun with graphs.  I manually added similar terms like "Iraq" and "Iraqi" or "terrorist" and "terrorists" (note the "s") in the Excel file.


This first graph compares Iraq vs Terrorist vs Saddam vs Al Qaeda.

The method was to locate a web based version of primarily text (print view in this case) from the state of the union addresses.   The date range was 10 years and includes both the Bush presidency and a portion of Clinton’s presidency.  The range was an arbitrary decision. 

I was able to find the last five years (Bush) state of the union addresses on but prior to that found the remaining speeches at  As a result, there are some differences in the data from other text on the HTML pages.  To really repeat this micro-study you would want to isolate the content without any navigation or reference links.

Sousocialprogramskeywords This graph shows a variety of terms related to social services including; tax (es), Health, economy, budget, social security, medicare, retirement

I do suggest that speech writers and public relations professionals run their content through keyword density generators to verify they are ON MESSAGE.  Yes clearly the content should be written in natural language that focuses on your political objective, but it doesn’t hurt to hit a link to verify how google views your content.

The full Excel file with the graphs and source data is posted below if you want to remix it or double check the content.  Be sure to check all of the tabs with the pasted versions of the SEO keywords.

Download schipul_state_of_the_union_keywords.xls

And here are the links to the state of the union speeches by date.

23-Jan-96 SoU, 4-Feb-97 SoU, 27-Jan-98 SoU, 19-Jan-99 SoU, 27-Jan-00 SoU, 27-Feb-01 SoU, 29-Jan-02 SoU, 28-Jan-03 SoU, 20-Jan-04 SoU, 2-Feb-05 SoU, 31-Jan-06 SoU

SouparsingtoolAnd speaking of visualization, while researching this post I came across the State of the Union Parsing tool which has some nice visualization as well.  Definitely worth a visit if you are into the whole politics crossed with search engine optimization and messaging thing.

GM Advertisements in Newlywed Section of the Houston Chronicle

General Motors "fun and games" with fake wedding listings in the Houston Chronicle today.  A bit early for April Fool’s and at first the announcements seem real and the ad placement very out of place.  But a quick reading of the text for the engaged couples reveals snarky text with a very ad copywriter sense of humor.

Gmadvertorialchroniclewedannounce1 Gmadvertorialchroniclewedannounce2

Gmadvertorialchroniclewedannounce3The copy starts:

The Chevy family is proud to announce the marriage of Fuel Efficiency and Power.  The ceremony took place in the Vortec V8 engine, where the couple first met.  They will be making their home in the all new 2007 Chevy Tahoe.  It is a first marriage for both.

Both the bride and groom are graduates of the full-size SUV class with Fuel Efficiency receiving honrs for getting EPA est. 22 MPG Highway.  Power’s achievements include 320 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. <more – check images>

The above ad was at first, before catching the fact that everything was faked, surprising.  What remains funny is that in the same issue of the Chronicle there is an editorial from the Sierra Club (the Sierra Club???) advocating bailing out the big three automakers subject to fuel efficiency improvements.  Go figure.  First power marries fuel efficiency, although the latter can’t get it up past 22, and now the Sierra Club wants to marry GM.