Publishers (and PR people) now responsible for fact checking AND truth?

"I rely on the publishers to define the category that a book falls within and also the authenticity of the work." – James Frey commenting on "The Man Who Conned Oprah"

The above quote is from the NYT piece on the Frey controversy pointing out that everyone is basically responding to his lies (he falsified information in his … ahem … "biography") with "hey, cool, everyone does it."  But the coup de grace has to be Mr. Frey asking the publisher to fact check his autobiography and abdicating responsibility if they have not done so.

This reminds me of the lessons learned in Power Public Relations by Saffir on PR Professionals verifying the authenticity of information given to you by your clients. 

In closing, what we need here is the truth – which leads me to Steven Colbert which I will leave you with.

"The truth hurts. Fortunately for America, I’m a masochist." 

Steven Colbert Opening quotes