City Slogans Redux

BrooklynisanewplanetI posted previously on my objections to several Houston branding campaigns.  And as a member of the Houston Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association I have the right to be wrong but also to complain comment.

There is also amusement to be taken by the "Atlanta: Every day is an opening day" decision in Atlanta, particularly when you have a power house combination like the Ries’ offering Atlanta alternatives (although Hotlanta does sound silly to me).

Now, not to be outdone (via adjab) the New York Daily News brings us this:

1 boro tag? Fuhgeddaboudit!

<snip> "Brooklyn is too broad and diverse for one slogan," said Markowitz spokeswoman Jocelyn Aframe.

"It became apparent that one slogan wouldn’t be able to express all that Brooklyn has to offer."

Instead, the Brooklyn Tourism Partnership will use several slogans – which range from the classy ("Brooklyn: Bridge to the World") to the wacky ("Brooklyn: The Tenth Planet") and possibly risque ("Do It In Brooklyn") – for specific advertising campaigns.

At least they have a sense of humility acknowledging that sex in Brooklyn is so different we can officially declare it a new planet. Wow.  I mean, just wow.  HotBrooklyn maybe?