Graham – Sarfati: Mapping The Future of Your Association: Eight Super-Trends

GrahamsarfatiassociationseightsupertrendWorking with numerous association clients I try to study organizational structures and trends.   I was pointed to this association PPT presentation by a client with similar interests.   If you are a sociologist or are involved in associations I highly recommend a review of the Graham-Sarfati association super trends presentation deck (linked below).

Mapping The Future of Your Association: Eight Super-Trends
John Graham, IV, CAE, President and CEO, ASAE
Susan Sarfati, CAE, President and CEO, The Center for Association Leadership

Full PPT recommended! –

  1. Demassification – Break-up of the Mass Market
  2. Unbundling – One-Size-Fits-All No Longer Appeals
  3. Scrimping – Greater Return on Dues Investment
  4. Wave 3.1 – Knowledge, Not Information is the Competitive Advantage
  5. Virtualization – Virtual and Personal Relationships
  6. Cyber-Mobbing – Web-based Communities are Organizing for Advocacy
  7. Scrutiny – Oversight Demands Greater Transparency
  8. Counter-Americanism – U.S. Styles, Values, Products No longer Dominate the World

update: Got a comment from Ben Martin (see comments) with ASAE who is trained on all sorts of association stuff and is certified to deliver the ASAE presentation to your group.   Give him a shout at   What makes social software so interesting is that you can NOT predict the outcomes of social groups.   Which is exactly why we need to study and seek understanding starting with Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy and going forward.

update2: Speaking of virtualization, Jason McElweenie, Katie Laird and I delivered a webinar on Podcasting for associations for TSAE on Thursday Jan 26, 2006.   Contact TSAE (or Join) for a recording of the webinar or contact me for a copy of just the presentation deck on podcasting.