TagCloud and PR Web should not associate with blog SPAM tools

Tagcloud is running advertisements for blogzilla (tagcloud.com/blogzilla/).  This is a very bad public relations idea.  Perhaps worse is that their is a PR Web logo on the page suggesting this is a tool recommended for the PR professional!  Specifically Blogzilla purports to let you:

With Blog-zilla you can…

  1. Post and manage tailored content across 5 to 100 blogs.
  2. Add unique articles personalized to every blog you are running.
  3. Take any original content or article and have Blog-zilla crunch it, improve it, and target it; based on your rules.
  4. Grab keyword-related RSS feeds and augment your blog content.
  5. Blend content, articles and RSS into perfectly matched topical blog entries.

Emphasis added by me.  Lets take this at face value.  I, one human being, can theoretically now maintain a conversation across hundreds of "my own" blogs.  Those blogs are generated by this script that rephrases my supposedly "original content" which is "augmented" by other RSS feeds. 

If this doesn’t meet the technical definition of blog spam, it sure as hell meets the "does not smell right" definition of blog spam which is evil.

The folks at BlogZilla have a denial on their advertisement as well "Not for content theives, spammers & cheats."  Oh, I feel much better.  If you aren’t ethical please don’t buy this product.  Um..ya.

When tagcloud came out I thought it was a pretty cool and easy way to add tag clouds to our clients’ sites using their RSS feeds.  Convenient, and their heart seemed in the right place.  Since our brand, both Schipul and Tendenci, require a strong focus on the brutal facts examined with honesty and integrity, I am particular about which outside tools are linked to from within the software.

What this means in English is simple.  Tagcloud made a big mistake. BugZilla is a PR disaster waiting to happen and PR Web needs to tell them to get the logo the hell off the page.  Happy Saturday.