Spencer Critchley – 10 Journalism Tips For Bloggers…

Citizen journalism is exciting, and certainly is the “man of the year” for public relations professionals.   But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a kick in the pants when it comes to professionalism.   Sure, threaten to replace MSM, but only if you are ready to step up the level of professionalism.   And that is where the edler statemen step in like Spencer Critchley’s post:

10 Journalism Tips For Bloggers, Podcasters & Other E-Writers

by Spencer Critchley
Dec. 5, 2005

  1. Respect the value of people’s time.
  2. Have a strong focus, and relate everything to it.
  3. Look for the heat in your subject.
  4. Whatever your subject, write about people, physical objects and actions.
  5. Use plain speech, and talk like a real person.
  6. Avoid adjectives and adverbs wherever possible.
  7. Opinions are not facts, even your opinions.
  8. Identify your sources.
  9. Identify interests.
  10. Fact-check.

The above is a very abbreviated excerpt, I strongly recommend reading the entire post on how bloggers can improve their communication skills.