Manicures, Buggers, and Public Relations

My 14 year old daughter and my wife recently returned from a trip to NYC complete with manicures.  This led my oldest son, 12, to ask what a manicure was ““ men are not born with this knowledge you see…  I paused, and given you just don’t get these opportunities very often; I replied “a manicure is when women go to get the buggers taken out from underneath their finger nails.“

Jordan’s response (my daughter) was fast and immediate.  “Ewwww!  I use a tissue!“

“So you never pick your nose with your finger?  Really?“

OK, here is the point.  Ease of use changes behavior.  Again, let me emphasize that, ease of use changes behavior.  And that matters for your public relations strategy formulation.

Ease of Use Changes Behavior ““ The Case for PR Practitioners to Adopt New Technology NOW