Cheesy Pixel Ploy – and oh ya, we went for it

Bradfallongotour50bucks_1 Oh ya, we did it.  Yes we did.  $50 bucks and we are officially 10×10.  What better way to start the new year than to be part of a PR gimmick for the sum total of $50 bucks.

Sure, I realize that $50 for 10 pixels is silly, especially considering we own a farm of servers that are perfectly capable of sending out a bit more than 10 pixels on our behalf. 

MilliondollarhomepageFurthermore I am aware that Brad Fallon is mirroring and making fun of the first guy to think of the "big idea" resulting in the page.  But Brad cashed our check, and we got a real link back to which does have value. He is having a good Christmas and I have fodder for an interesting post.

And like all great PR stunts, while we are peripheral, as is Brad Fallon, the creator, the strategist, is getting even more coverage.  From the reg article:

Student flogs pixels to fund education

A UK student is flogging pixels on a web page to help raise $1m to fund his way through university.

Alex Tew, 21, who will be reading Business Management, says people can buy the pixels to display an ad or a logo on his Million Dollar Homepage which in turn can create a link to their website.

The pixels are sold in squares of 100 to create a tiddly icon. Larger groupings can also be bought to make logos stand out.

Tew told El Reg that the scheme was all "legit and completely above board".

"I think this will mostly appeal to businesses and perhaps larger companies will buy up lots of pixels to have a more prominent position on the site," he said.


On a personal note, 2005 has been good, bad, and ugly. I am humbly thankful for the good stuff and I have deep sorrow for the truly sad stuff.  I am glad to see 2005 move into the past.  Happy New Year Y’all!