Lands End – Figure How to Buy Something

FigureouthowtobuythisThis is an actual full length screen shot from Land’s End.  As a follow up to a previous post on the Grok conversion newsletter I found I had to post this as well.

I literally could NOT find a "buy now" or "purchase" or "add to cart" button anywhere on the detailed view page of the Lands End site.  It might be there, but I can’t see it.  I got to the page from a quick link from a catalog, so my bet is they want me to call so they can upsell me.  But I don’t want to be upsold, I just want to buy it.

Finally I found the "Catalog Quick Order" link on the lower left and was able to make a purchase by retyping in my code.  But it took work, and making users jump through hoops can’t be good for your conversion rate.

While making this post I went back to the page, I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t missing anything obvious.  I was missing something, but I don’t think it is obvious.  There is a small text link that says "INSTRUCTIONS: Click color for larger view. Click size to select item."  See it?  Right above the sizes?  I know why I didn’t click them, because I wanted white and there is no white swatch of color even though the main image pictures a white robe.

In Land’s End’s defense, perhaps I should take such a critical eye at our own user interfaces more often.