GROK Newsletter on Conversion Rates – PR without Conversion

GroknewsletterFuture Now out of NYC, who I know through Bryan Eisenberg who is our client with The Web Analytics Association, has a great newsletter on conversion rates.  You can sign up on their site at and the latest conversion rate newsletter was just released.

You may also want to check out the Eisenberg’s book A Call to Action which is also about web marketing conversion rates.

My main point is that driving traffice to your site through PPC or regular search engine marketing doesn’t add a ton of value if you don’t CONVERT that traffic.  While at a high level the web marketing fundamentals article definitely stands, at an incremental improvement level you can’t beat the detailed analysis of a conversion rate specialist (or become one!).

Good Call: Great use of PR Opportunity crossed with Advertising for Christmas

MillerchristmasWe have all received the link to the over-the-top-Christmas-sound-and-lights-display.  Some guy went nuts with his house, but the impressive part is the sound track.  He didn’t just build another airport on the cul-de-sac, but rather computerized the Christmas display and coordinated it with music.  That is the old news.

Miller made a deal with him apparently to film the house in a commercial.  This is smart.  It won’t make us associate Miller with Christmas (who can beat Budweiser’s traditional Clydesdales drawn carriage?) but perhaps Miller becomes the Tom Hanks of Christmas.

Via AdRants