Public Relations – blogging authentically with your customers

A public relations and crisis communications post worth the read at On the AOL Journals advertising mini-brouhaha.

Public relations has changed in a big way over the past two years. Sure, you still need a PR department, but the most important thing is to have your executives and product managers blogging authentically with your customers.

Here is the outline, and it is truly something out of a textbook with frankness, humility, actionable lessons.  Job well done on the post at least, although turning ads loose without warning isn’t a way to endear the public.

Here is the top level summary, and it is a well articulated PR post

  1. Huge disclaimer
  2. What happened
  3. Background
  4. What we did wrong
  5. What we did right
  6. What should we do next
  7. Reader Comments

He even has the class to discuss Mena’s success with SixApart crisis/honest communication.  As a typepad user, I appreciate that.