Writely and Numsum, web based word processor and spreadsheet

This is Thanksgiving in the US.  I had family over.  And I have some great clients and some of my family asked if "we had an Apple Pie like the one we had last year".  The answer is no.  Technically I replied with a story, and the story goes like this. 

A client of ours used Excel to create a spreadsheet to manage their holiday gift lists.  You know the type, who gets a card, who gets a pie, who gets coal and who is on the short list to turn over to the ninja hit squad.  I am honestly not sure where we were on the list last year, but we received a wonderful applie pie. 

We did NOT receive a pie this year, and based on a conversation last spring I think I know why.  They created a spreadsheet of who gets the pies.  Hid the rows for everyone who does NOT get a pie and emailed a spreadsheet from Excel that showed 50 or so names.  The company that received it uses an old PC with Microsoft Words.  MS Works does not apparently support hidden rows so they sent pies to 300 odd people, basically EVERYONE on the list.

In the spirit of "prevent that problem from happening" I recommend two more must check out products for social collaboration.

1) Writely – web based word processing using just a browser with collaboration functionality.

2) Numsum – web based spreadsheet application.

Check them out.  Both writely and numsum are potentially significant threats to Microsoft even with the new release of Office coming out.

Visualization of Search – Sphere Explorer

SphereVisualization ideas Via this post on Sphere on digg about Sphere software for visualization of search.  While this is a different problem from visualization of social software or public relations campaigns, it is tangential and may help.

Visit the Sphere Explorer site here and be sure to check out the 3-d Screen shots of search results.

Still definitely not as cool as vizster visualization for social software, but on a different axis this is very interesting.

And on an unrelated but related note, be sure to check out the web20workgroup site for the latest hype on Web 2.0.  There just might be some truth in there.

Analytics Biz Challenged by Google

Bad Challenging news in the web analytics industry.  Happy Thanksgiving guys!


Web Stats Analysis companies like WebSideStory, Omniture, WebTends and Coremetrics Inc. charge customers thousands of dollars for their analysis tools that tell Web marketers how well visitors like their site design, products, promotions and advertisements.

But the future is not so bright for these Web site traffic analytics companies with the entry of Google. They may soon find themselves under pressure to slash their fees if they can’t demonstrate that they offer premium tracking services that are far superior to what Google offers.