CNN and KHOU have pop-ups!

Khouspammypopups This is ridiculous.  CNN has pop-ups.  Like in the dark ages.  Pop-ups no less!  Where is the outrage?  Yes.  This is November 11, 2005 and these MSM idiots have pop-ups.  Why not put a sign on their heads that says "we think our customers are idiots and will respond to intrusive advertising methods." 

Think about it.  As consumers, we have pop-up blockers to knowingly defend ourselves from the media with cause, and they WONDER why we are looking elsewhere for content?  The media is choosing to personify evil.  Their defense is "oh, we didn’t realize weather bug was evil we just thought it was a cool revenue stream" or some crap.

The point is trust is 24/7.  If media is scamming us, they can’t wonder why we look elsewhere with disgraces like pop-ups and KHOU weather bug spyware.  Common sense anyone?  Please let us reintroduce common sense before more MSM jobs are lost from clueless management practices that invade privacy and defy logic.