Open Source Ideas

That previous post on GM and using OnStar for marketing eco friendly social software apps for branding….that was a mouthful …. led me to discover is an open source, source of ideas.  Submit your ideas like Mark Cuban in his blog for others to perhaps implement for free. 

Perhaps the most interesting aspect will be "public domain" documentation for future patents if people really start posting lots of ideas.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but an unexpected thing.

Walmart – Crisis Communications

WalmarthighcostoflowpriceOn the state of public relations and crisis communications.  Michael Moore is going after Wal-Mart, and perhaps someone really needs to to reduce the poverty level employees dependence on tax dollars for indirect health care subsidies.  What is interesting about this from a PR perspective is the War Room Wal-Mart has set up to handle crisis communications.

I’d love to know the RSS feeds they are watching along with a copy of their Google Alerts.  Now THAT would be interesting.  Plus a story like this is nothing but post-bait for a site like BoingBoing.  Hmmm.

I guess we will have to wait, but at some point I’d love to see a write up about the configuration of the room, the decisions that led up to the crisis communication team members, and the response methodology from a public relations perspective.