RIYA – facial recognition of photos – search?

Riyalogo Miss Rogue is pretty well connected so the riya launch will get picked up everywhere ASAP.  But the short version is that Riya is a facial recognition technology that will allow you to either tag or search existing photos for a particular face.

Example: show me every photo on the net that had Steve Jobs in it in the last 12 months – include Flickr and typepad but exclude blogspot because I am trolling for real trends.

Think about that for a minute.  Could you cross reference searches on google images with Riya data?  Can I see all fundraising events in Hollywood that Sergey attended, if any?  Would that not give me a competitive advantage and a PR strategy opportunity?  I think it would. 

As with all new technology it is amoral, so we as a group of humans will have to come up with some ethical guidelines on how to use the technology.  It will be interesting to see if first it works, and second if it works for us all.

NEW EDIT: Forgive my mind for coming up with this, but doesn’t this open the door to search engine spam via steganography?  Uuuugh, every search for Jessica Alba will lead to a lovely fleshbot post with no recourse except for the nerds who can understand the jpg file format.  Where will this lead?  Again, uuugh, hopefully the programmers at Riya have programmed for security and black-hat-evil-doer-prevention from the start.