Medical Marketing Online – 3 great bullet points

Medicalmarketing_1 I was asked to prepare for a conference call about medical marketing recently. I have written on the subject and see a ton of data from our medical marketing clients, but sometimes being in a hurry creates a nice concise result.

These are my top three bullet points that I wanted to get across to someone who already knows marketing and advertising. I didn’t harp on headlines, rather this is a “online marketing is like regular medical marketing but you need to focus on these additional items to get success online:“

1)      The patient is driving the relationship with their medical professional.  You are not in control ““ don’t kid yourself.

2)      Docs must become content providers.  Articles, case studies, etc.  (Pubmed is NOT enough)

3)      PR is more important than advertising

a.       Public speaking

b.      Monitor blogosphere

                                                               i.      Detractors

                                                             ii.      Advocates

                                                            iii.      Off site testimonials either way

That was it.  Those were my bullet points to talk to a current advertising professional on the three main things that they needed to think about to adjust to the new reality of medical marketing online.